A Rendezvous in the Woods

Just Announced
Wild Earth Rendezvous
June 1 - 7, 2007

somewhere in the forest on the BC coast

Campaign strategies
ing volunteers
New alliances

Join us this summer and plug in to the action

Now more than ever, rainforest protection needs every tool in the box. More organizers are joining the crew to prepare for the 2007 Wild Earth Rendezvous. Help promote the gathering, host a workshop and connect with fellow tree-huggers from all walks of life. Newcomers and veterans, natives and non-natives, young and old.


Anonymous said...

Though I couldn't make it last year, it was great to see it was still alive after so many years.
The Sooke Hills Wildearth doesn't seem like so many years ago.
My last Wildearth was the Walbran, and since then I've been drinking weak coffee and seeing the world only from the ground up.

Anonymous said...

hey just by chance I have come across this site. An look who it is it's ed!!! who will probably never see this comment!!! my last one was the walbran and since then I have been on the move around the world. man I worked hard to make that wildearth happen so it's so good to see that it's still happening and bigger and better than ever!!!! good-on-ya as the aussies would say. no the sooke pothills doesn't seem so far away. maybe next I'll be back to go again!! Adrienne