About Wild Earth

The Wild Earth 2007 Rendezvous is a training and networking gathering for activists and community members involved in rainforest protection. This year’s rendezvous will focus on imminent threats to old-growth rainforest in BC and prepare participants for action. Response to our outreach this winter has been strong, and several key BC environmental leaders, both native and non-native, are already committed to attending.

Since 1999, more than 800 Wild Earth participants have learned new skills, strategies, and contacts for forest activism. Wild Earth has hosted more than 75 workshops in an inclusive community-minded environment.

Wild Earth is modeled on the Ruckus Society and Rainforest Action Network activist training camps. The annual gathering (now in its 9th year) is dedicated to individual and group empowerment through volunteer recruitment, skill-sharing and strategic alliances. The draft agenda includes discussions of First Nations campaigns, threats to old-growth rainforests, effective media strategies, non-violence, civil disobedience, tree-sits and blockades, legal rights, activist first aid and much more. We expect 150 to 200 people to participate from across Canada and the western United States.

The rendezvous is coordinated by a small team: long-time Wild Earthlings and qualified volunteers recruited in the past year.Last year’s success in reviving Wild Earth has brought us the tools and organizing capacity to help communities seeking environmental justice.

A Rendezvous in the Woods

Just Announced
Wild Earth Rendezvous
June 1 - 7, 2007

somewhere in the forest on the BC coast

Campaign strategies
ing volunteers
New alliances

Join us this summer and plug in to the action

Now more than ever, rainforest protection needs every tool in the box. More organizers are joining the crew to prepare for the 2007 Wild Earth Rendezvous. Help promote the gathering, host a workshop and connect with fellow tree-huggers from all walks of life. Newcomers and veterans, natives and non-natives, young and old.